Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hearken Beldam, Graceful Crone

Our Lady of the Salt Red Sangre

Our Woman Who's the Blue Señora

Wake our focus from its somber quiet

Solve our puzzles with your nimble fingers

Guide our vigil with your brilliant street lamps

Bless our business with your fluent say-so

Our Lady by the Gold Fenêtre

Our Duchess or the Prim Madonna

Glorify us past our daily problems

Plentify us in our meager holdings

Clarify us through our dented vision

Magnify us by our hopeful errors

Honored Goddess of the Fullest Breathing

Wisest Virgin with the Sun-Bright Candle

Navigate niches, penetrate wishes

God, godder, goddest Gal



  1. God, or should I say, goddess, I love this! Prayerful, almost a chant and a brilliant last line. Nice, TF.

  2. Tess,

    Thank you! There was something about it that I thought might appeal.

    You know my entries enough to know I don't reach for clear song-resonance, usually quirking my ear into some place uncommon.

    This one does chant itself up and out.


  3. Trulyfool,

    A prayerful request for intercession....
    A respectful and contemplative piece of writing.

    I liked this very much.


  4. Eileen,

    Intercession quite the right word. And I'm glad you found it respectful. The wording may seem wacky to people used to the more conventional.