Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ground Zero

At a late age, yet, with comfortable money, friends, why does he crack,what crazy does he find, why does he crime since no one thinks remotely

by what flash of nature determine himself as the doer of deed -- he, never predisposed, never disturbative, not known as a secretive, nor never alleged before

the mal salt airs do it, too much sun, his trendy hair trim and gizmo watch and a knowing nod at the bakery with just the right tune in his aging ear

the wind takes on a voice -- and it, the Devil's -- and when he dances into the street the morning of, in a wedding tux fit for a violation, his eyes glitter, Oxfords smartly click along the pave



  1. Ah, but watches are out; it's all about the phone.

  2. Oxfords? Really? I could never get the holes clean.

    Or polished!

  3. Tess,

    The Devil's in such details.


  4. Rick,

    I have a virginal pair, boxed since 1980. I'd bequeath it to a son, but my daughter has no use for them.

    They do come in a particular size.