Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Political Aikido

If good will won't work

back off.

An aggressor toward you

wastes himself.

His hacks, his arm thrusts,

twist them.

An aggressor toward you

hates himself.

His fury outward at you,

bend back.

Just so much his force to send,

used up.

Tyrants fall, their systems

thin sticks.



  1. Pared to the bone, very redolent itself of the insight that understands the overbalancing of too much force and sends it flying. Fine analysis--and thin sticks are only effective when there are many bound together; snip the ties and they scatter.

  2. Joy,

    Hadn't intended more than a quick phrase on this one. It developed as I sat at the screen and then there was no screen and then there was one again.

    (with or without green tea)

  3. Suz,

    Thanks. Sometimes I bend Eastern. Sometimes I shake off political dust. This melded the two.


  4. Yes! Use Their Energy Against Them!

  5. violence is an avowal of weakness,i know words are the best weapons but in front of a violent person it' s difficult to struggle, as the dictators , they have a power we can' imitate.

  6. Tony,

    It's not just passive parrying, as you recognize, my friend. What they throw convert against them. What they give let turn back to them.


  7. Isabelle,

    For sure. On that grand scale, this strategy might mean 'cold war defensiveness'! Or letting a USSR rot -- and kill tens of millions of its own!!

    No method I know simply defangs violence. This, in a modest way, mitigates the bruising and cuts, the bone cracks and psychic scars.

    People die from contention, anyway. Just fewer of them than in a formal, head-to-head assault.