Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Last Time I Saw Paris

When 45 and rainy, one considers

people's history in a fat book.

And a rainy history considers

45 people's fat when in one book.


  1. Paris is still rainy with some sad stories and some fat people but not only!when i ' m walking on " le pont des arts" or upon the bridge of Apollinaire(sous le pont Mirabeau) i feel so free , you certainly feel the same in your town, it's like a lover, we may hate or despise it, we just need it.

  2. Isabelle,

    Thanks for the image of you in Paris. It will keep me going when I continue reading your poems. (I haven't forgotten!)

    (A walker in the rain.)

  3. when i was in paris, it was a nice & sunny day...i really like the mood you create with the rainy history

  4. Claudia,

    'Mood' sweeps through me always. Paris was bright and sunny from memory. I guess I want to visualize it 'atmospheric'.