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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Buck Stops Here

No project ever fails.

Top Management knows that things have succeeded, or have 'come within a whisper of succeeding with a modest bit of help now'.

They may actually convince whoever the Money Supply is. Be that as it may, the more effort T.M. has to expend in 'proving' its success (irrelevant though that actuality may be), the more irritation will be sent in shuddering payback (not to be confused with 'back pay') internally within the system.

'We'll handle this discreetly'

The embarrassing chew-outs, dope-slaps, and unfair rages descend with avalanche-speed until 'someone takes the fall'.

The sloth and disengagement, the masturbatory power-gyrations at the top ultimately lead to one thing:

"You're fired."

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