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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Victory In Europe, 1945

This Vera Lynn RAF appearance.

Stanley Kubrick uses her song as the exit from his 1964 Dr. Strangelove, as an 'automated deterrent' of nuclear bombs mistakenly (subconsciously!) gets triggered -- the Doomsday Machine causing 'blossoms', one after the other, Springtime.

Kubrick's irony goes, as usual, that distance into the human heart . . . which only The Shadow seems to know.

This entry to the brave people, dead and living, who weathered those times and fought that 'good war'.

And good will to the many who oppose fascism in all its forms.



  1. Lovely. My good will added to yours.

  2. Hey Dude you may like this.
    New artist from London.I think she is so refreshing...and good.
    The Dude Abides
    Best Wishes


  3. Goat,

    All it takes is, indeed, good will.

    Two is a beginning!


  4. Me, Dude,

    Thanks for the video tip. Adele reminds me of a woman with whom I had a long -- unsuccessful -- relationship.

    During a time in my life during which I spent a long -- unsuccessful -- time.

    Liked her music. Thought of taking up prayer in order to give one that I don't have to any more suffer from failed relationships and don't let my sour regret reverberate to bass beats and throaty chanteuses.

    I'm a man of my own time.

    Truly, fool