Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Friday, May 13, 2011

Street Saint, Saint Street

Attestation as to the ear-

witnessing of the heart's want.

Was as if i'd pulled a bunny out or flipped

a coin had landed on its edge as a naturist 

knowing a bird from a bat were a flutter in the belfry

weird and wild no plainer nor truer

was the angel talked from voices

vocal in my bowed-down head.

Sworn this day, as my maternal aunt

had a brother-in-law whose son was me.



  1. I love Barbra..always have..do not care what anyone says about her..that voice is amazing..and no voice lessons...what a beautiful gift...goes well with saints and streets and a breath of air...blessing...bkm

  2. Well, Barbara,

    Barbra does do it for me, also. And: Sondheim!

    Too often, the orchestrations are bold, very bold, maybe to 'concertize' her strength.

    Same with Nancy Wilson.

    Both these gals are wonderful.

    The Saints theme was from Tess's St.Francis prompt off Magpie Tales. I always try to morph the prompt a bit off-center.


  3. Certainly took the prompt off
    into the trulyfool undiscovered
    bush of poetics, rooted in the
    nearly undiscovered country;
    I think I figured out that
    God and his hosts are within,
    and sometimes a coin
    will land perfectly
    on its edge.

  4. Glenn,

    It seems I can do no other.



  5. This is really beautiful, TF. I had to read it out loud. Twice. Thanks for the pleasure.

  6. Tess,

    You've been very generous. I re-read it in order to see if I 'got it right' enough. I knew this one was a stretch as and after I did it.


  7. T.S. would be impressed.Bravo....nailed,excellent.
    The Dude Abides.