Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Friday, March 4, 2011

Miss Jones

My love's hungry for its own eradication,

but it's a lemon I can't swallow whole

until circumstance comes along and wedges,

skims tangentially by and zests, just squeezes  --

her fingers adept on the kitchen boards, and

with the utensils found in the drawers, a chef.

Fast moving like a dance when it's called for

but patient with the time, waiting for the reverb,

the well-echoes, the satisfactory plunge

a taste makes when it bulls-eyes.  The zen

of plinking a sexpartite cross-section citrus shim

between the ice cubes of a tall, cool glass of H2O.

And her appearance, smearing itself like ectoplasm

what a goddess in that she can walk on her hands.



  1. Oh lordie...did you write that...I loved it.
    and Bing too
    and I remember those old cartoons (I was VERY little) of the dancing flowers and bugs...loved the music with them..

  2. Supper's ready for spiritual food,i'm hungry!

  3. What a goddess this Miss Jones is, and able to walk on her hands too...a zesty woman..bkm

  4. Suz,

    Thanks for the love of it! Bing thanks you, as well. There's a synchronicity involving Bing and me throughout my life. There's much in his public performance I like a lot.

    As to the cartoons, they were the same ones I must have viewed on TV also as a boy, stuff done for the theaters back in the 30s.


  5. Isabelle,

    It's true. Sometimes I do get this yen -- and isn't that the dinner bell I'm hearing?


  6. Barbara,

    No goddess can afford to be a slouch. She'd have to turn in her union card! So Miss Jones can be certified as skillful, yes.


  7. Walk on her hands? Now that's a rare talent!

  8. Please feel free to share 1 to 3 poems with our potluck poetry today, first time participants could use old poems or poems unrelated to our theme, Thanks..
    Happy Monday!

    love your blog, your poetry is impressive!

  9. Tess,

    Some meditate. Some take gymnastics.


  10. Jingle,

    Thank you very much! Again! I'll get myself into gear.


  11. I really love it. The rythm, the sounds, it goes and flows perfectly until ...do I dare to say it? Oh well, I dare: she walks on her hands. Now that can't be right. She is a goddess!!! She is merely human, because she is so damn good. She should be walking on high heels and every step would be like puncturing someone's dream or she walks on a crusade to some fine cuisine. I don't know. I am not a poet but you are.

  12. L.A.Speedwing,

    Thanks for your good words!

    Never second-guess a goddess's means of transport. She's agile -- and may be wearing high heels, too! (She's just not walking on them at this instant).

    What can I say? It's a kooky universe!