Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Thursday, March 10, 2011


You can call me a wanderer, I'm not

like the people on TV, true, cagey with the dollars per square foot

grousing over cupboard knobs and closet space

chuckling at those kitchen appliances are so new I might take up cooking

or what's not to love about the double sink and soaking tub! The views!

And at special times making sure that the baby's first Christmas will show on Facebook

or that the anniversary celebrates at a fine restaurant and give each other a rose and then visit the beach you walked on when you courted, and then make love don't ever change.

But before you think me shiftless, which, neither, am I,

just strolling from casino to casino, a cup of quarters, a well drink,

in need of a haircut and the suede jacket in need of a deep dryclean,

chatting up over jello shots the first available Kim at the snack cart

or picking up the tab on her garlic guacamole.  A guy with bad habits

low rent and run-ins, neglected kids sequestered with the ex, et cetera, 

like health going or gone at 40, and I'm whistling in patent pathos at the cheerleaders mocking back in teen sopranos.

No.  None of the above.  Try remembering you've seen me, registered in no big way, no ma'am,

as a guy in the Safeway aisle converting the metrics to ounces, sodium overloads, no wonder

you passed by.  Or with a book bag.  Or reciting to myself.  No wonder.

There's lots I've done like that, like kissing and deep-breath exercise, but my mind's

remarkable most in that only I, only this instant, began to love this singular phrase out loud:

'cardamom and cinnamon'.  Cardamom and cinnamon.  Say after me.



  1. Card-a-mom and cin-na-mon. Thankfully, I don't fit into either of those two categories, either. I'm the one with the worn cloth Columbus Metropolitan Library bag.

  2. Tess,

    Okay! You've got it! It's a liptwister, but some of us have the knack.

    Yeah. I didn't recognize the logo, it being from a different place, but now I realize it must have been you.


  3. Truly, I truly love the way you write, you always take me somewhere and back again, your life assessments and reflections always brings wonderous dimensions riding on complexity and simplicity and everywhere in between...thank you...bkm

  4. What a trip this was - I think I have seen you...

  5. I can't keep track of all your muses, but I think you're missing Dominique Sanda.

  6. You have me in a hypnotic trance ......

  7. smiles...what a wonderful write...like the word play at the end...and yes it was quite the trip to get there...

  8. I repeat after you in the order to become intelligent! Truly i dispair for a while but i will go on eating beauty on your blog, friendly,

  9. Barbara,

    I appreciate the appreciation. Always want to take people places. And squeeze-out possible dimensions. Thank you!


  10. Karin,

    I can't keep track of all my muses. DS isn't one of them, but I'll put her up to a vote at the next meeting.

    Actually, I'm stacking up a whole new batch that might make for a second 'hit parade'. What can I say? I find inspiration all over the place!


  11. Helen,

    When I tell you to, you will wake up and remember everything . . .


  12. Brian,

    Getting there was more than half the fun. Nothing outside would live up to the phrase itself as it kept kicking around my subvocalizing. So, why not keep it as the 'point' of the whole thing?


  13. Isabelle,

    I will so feed you as long as it is within my power. My own replenishment comes with reading certain French quatrains.

    You don't know who writes them, do you?


  14. cardamom and cinnamon!
    you could probably get me to repeat lots of things. :)
    very interesting writing and your blog is very attractive! now i wanna hang out here for a while.

  15. Marian,

    Thanks! Make yourself t' home. You can grab that couch over there -- it's yours. We'll be bringing out some chips later, if you like.