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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Seeking Salvation On The Thin Edge Of A Razor

 Anne Baxter as Sophie, The Razor's Edge, the Zanuck film based on the Maugham novel.

Newly re-met group of Americans first night together in Paris, go slumming.

In a very low-life cabaret, l'Apache and cheap champagne in abundance, Sophie appears, having lost her husband and child in an auto accident some years before and trying still to get as lost as she can, as deadened as a living person can become.

Of her 'protector' yanking her away from a shamed conversation with her past Chicago acquaintances, she proclaims with an ironic lust:  He's a sulky brute, but he's quite a man.

Watching the entire scene conveys the pity of ruin.  Even Larry's saintliness isn't quite enough to retrieve her.


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