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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'll Show You 'Rigid' !

Great achievements don't go on forever.  They slow down, they stall, they stale.

When reaction to them rises, rebellion by the disaffected, they go on the defensive.

Thus, what has been called 'political correctness', frozen positions by a 'right-thinking' person.

Reactionaries are not wrong in witnessing it, though an accusation of being bien-pensant, originally hurled at 

self-satisfied conservatives, is ironic when applied to 60s 'radicals' who have attained some manner of power 

and rightly see any retrenchment as a subtraction of hard-fought-for reforms.

Our eyes should focus not so much on what might seem sputtering self-interest, if that can at all be the 

legitimate charge, but on the resentment of those making the charge, people who never wanted any change to 

begin with, whose 'right-thinking' is ham-fisted, frightened, angry, and often violent, authoritarianism.


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