Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Daily Life, Lived

(1) Chapter, War And Peace (Rostov rescues Maria), read

(1) Chapter, Shakespeare: Invention Of The Human (Bloom validates my negative opinion of The Merry Wives Of Windsor), read

(2) Summaries of Opera libretti, read

(20) Ounces of coffee, drunk

(2) Classes taught

(1) Short,short story written

(1) DVD episode, Mad Men, Year 3 ('The Fog'), watched

(.5) Hours Tai-Chi, British Cardio, Free Weights exercised

(.5) Hours block briskly walked

(40) Miles driven

(5.5) Hours slept



  1. Well, I am certainly with you on the amount of coffee consumed. I do, however, envy your productivity, especially in teaching and the time spent in exercising. I exercise my mind by reading and do perhaps one hour total per week in exercise. To compensate for the lack of proper exercise, I do not eat. Well, I eat a bit, but not much. I eat to stay alive, whereas others may live to eat. I will study your program, as it seems far better than my own.

  2. Cher,

    My work is something like 'split-shift', so sleep is broken up and cherished in naps and short nights. The scurry of work travel and school demands actually forces me to 'be productive'. When I have a vacation, I seem to get less done.

    As to exercise, I hear the whistle of age coming (listen!), and the body seems to be deteriorating (though still a 'manly man') faster than ever. Thought I'd keep what's there remaining there.

    I tend to eat 'veggie'. (With bird).