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Thursday, April 29, 2010

This Can't Be Love

Whatever you do, if the names 'Lenin' or 'Trotsky' come up in conversation with Wall Street types, make sure you spit your drink up in a confusion of astonishment and derisive laughter.

Lenin appreciated smart women, but used too many exclamation points.  Moreover, his stand-up wasn't funny.

As to smart, particularly literary, women being the object of attention:  'been there, done that' says this would-be sharpie.  What was her name.  Tall blonde, of Icelandic heritage.  Wrote formulaic Romance novels by the ream, a beauty, and 'liberated', both of us about 21 at the time.

I did my Weltschmerz-poet routine on her, and she . . . well, let's just say my stand-up wasn't very funny.

Maybe I've been immortalized in one of her novellas.  Maybe more than once, say, in Napoleonic times, and again when knighthood was in flower.

Just speaking for myself -- and this may sound selfish -- if any Wall Street guys are listening and have tips that are 'pure gold', I wouldn't mind living the life of a rich man publisher with a movie starlet concubine in a simulated castle somewhere on the California coast, and meet kings and really good polo and tennis players and all.


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