Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sociodelic, Man!

Let me tell you what I saw outside the window it was a young woman with long straight hair down over her shoulders in front

by a few inches and a young man was walking with her, his hair puffed and wild and kind of circular like

a dome and he was draping his arm over her shoulder and they wore casual clothes, both, bleached mostly of color and funky-

soft, and as they walked they paced and loped, it wasn't a dance, but its rhythm casualized the way they proceeded and he was telling 

her something funny and she smiled nicely and they were without a care, it looked as if, but that's just a characterization I'm making now, but it

struck me then as well as now that 'this is the 60s', a picture straight out of the 60s which never in style have I seen this 

accurately on the street, on campus or even in movies when I pore over the details knowing that I remember it better than the costumers can get it, yet 

here it was, and, no, not a bad drug flashback, but something giving up right now what they were giving up then, perhaps, a faith in what's been going on.


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