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Saturday, February 20, 2010

'Local Rotarians Bring Health Care To Belize'

Good for them.  

One wonders:

a)  What has been their position on USA health care debate these past months?

b)  Are they laying the groundwork for the retirement they plan at the luxury beach condo they're currently scoping out?  Right off the private golf course.

c)  Is there a concommitant religious anxiety impelling this altruistic act, a 'paying one's way into heaven' -- a clearing of conscience over hardnosed, heartless economic decisions made at the expense of others?  'It's only business'.

d)  Do they believe that the risk undertaken by the economic investment of two owners is worth the physical and social sacrifice of 200 workers?  (Brown lung, black lung, carcinogen-exposure, carpal tunnel, repetitive stress, PTSS, layoffs, gutted or forsworn benefit packages, personal harassments, 'suggested' asskissing, bad coffee).


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