Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Vulgarians 1: 

A 19 year-old mother of 2 whose own mother is humping the father-to-be of child number three ('in the oven') all of whom exchange accusations against one another and wear their hearts on their sleeve, though he has a sly smile, and after the daughter chokes out tears, she makes for her momma and hurls the word 'bitch' into the face of the woman who once sang songs of joy into her infant-ears, as the audience howls with mock shock and hard laughter.

Vulgarians 2: 

More-or-less 6.69 Billion global humans (and counting copulating).


  1. Things like this make me feel positively saintly...

    Brooke x

  2. Well, Brooke, I did mount a 'high horse' didn't I?

    My own position has never been that pure, nor my sneer that sharp toward all those folks who make awkward or routine or foolish or ignorant moves.

    It's possible that we've met a few. And made a few.

    If we're healthy, we're ahead of the game. If we're smart, even further. The burden -- not necessarily guilt -- comes with figuring out our relationship to the others.

    Do we owe them? What and how much? And how effective can we be? And exactly how much 'other' are they?

    If we're helpless, how does the helplessness affect our joy and prosperity and 'good life'?

    (If this makes any sense, you may be more saintly than you suspect.)