Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Friday, October 23, 2009

This Land Is 'Our' Land

30 percent of America is so sectarian ('How sectarian is it?) -- it's so sectarian that it wants my mouth shut and my genitals kept waiting for a rainy day, at 98.6 degrees in unobtrusive cotton.

Lawn mowed. DIY. Children at mental age 8 until marriage. Thoughts so repressed that repression itself seems like a love-in.

The Village Elder says: Hate thyself without knowing it.


  1. "The Village Elder says: Hate thyself without knowing it." I wonder, are the messages subliminal or are they plastered amid type-set which our minds have ingested through the years?

  2. You're right in pointing out both. That's not even touching this beloved electronicized world we're now nibbling and trying to civilize.

  3. Ah the great unwashed,how we love them!