Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Gant In Your Face!

You've dishonored me and my literary studies!

Though I respect numeracy as much as any technophage on this planet,

Sensitivity to the 'aesthetic' of reading and of writing

Double-layers thinking over feeling, feeling over thinking:

The 'stereoptics' of a full humanity.


  1. Aesthetes unite,our education system is under threat by the marketing man and his need for focus.Where is art today?just another commodity.Where is Christianity in America today?just a credit card away my friend.We ignore our heritage and our culture at our peril.

  2. Too much to say on this. But this much: 'practicality' is the by-word, at least in the USA. All education must have that pennon waving high on its flagstaff to get funding at US schools.

    And, again, in the USA, when public school parents seek 'values' instead of mere 'skills', 95 percent come from very narrow religious perspectives -- ones so sure of their literal truth they don't recognize 'denominations' even(i.e. Lutherans, Methodists), let alone do they accept Catholicism, taken as The Antichrist. And they only give lip-service to Jews because certain Biblical passages insist that Jews must recongregate on the Plains of Megiddo before a literal second coming and the end of it all for billions of people.

    The kind of 'generalist' education which includes the studies we urge -- literature, the arts, the Humanities, history in particular -- that kind, if taught, widens minds.

    If the current umbrage taken by the non-Western world is to be meliorated, it is through not only reexamining our capitalism-gone-to-ideological-mania, but through an honest reassessment by them, the non-West, of the very limited usefulness medieval devotionalism has.

    I'll shut up now. (You got me going on this one!)