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Sunday, March 29, 2009

MarQ'Oz Mixes

Almost with antiquarian breathlessness, I went to the Amazon music and MP3 sections to dig out what versions I could find of 'old pop'.

At first it was a search for Rat Pack and lounge-istic style, upbeat, never-again-to-be-duplicated . . . uh . . . swingin' sounds rising from the optimism and wealth of post-WW2 American (not-yet-even-dreamed-to-be) 'hegemonic' influence over international culture. Vegas, Miami, Hollywood. Supper shows. TV Specials, replete with sophisticated black tie ultimately, often, loosened, glittered with polite perspiration showering diamonds on our appreciative vision.

The task was managed. Rat Pack, certainly, but not overloaded thereby. Also music written by -- and if possible also performed by -- Mancini, Bacharach, Hefti. A pinch of McGuire Sisters, Four Freshman, Four Lads to remind us of the roots of Big Time Entertainment in the harmonically pretty.

Two Discs: Kitsch In The Throat and Son Of A Kitsch.

Embarrassing, sentimental, naive. No one young today would 'get the message' -- not 'ring-a-ding-ding', mind you, but 'how generations pass'.

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