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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Deity Next Door

In speaking of YHWH, we're trying to make words approximate what we concede is beyond words.

Of course, the right question is: are we fooling ourselves? To go 'beyond words' in approaching the 'nature' of (note the metaphor) of G-dash-D may just be a way of sneaking things in -- establishing by quiet fiat what we (tentatively) claim to be discovering.

To go 'beyond words' may also avoid that by arriving honestly at '[ ]' -- a deliberate blank which, in truth, is a psychological gambit to shuffle scrabble tiles so as to obscure any evident understanding and shrug off its possibility.

Or to go 'beyond words' may assume a lotus-positionlike '{ }', where conceptualizing what is existentially occurring in 'real-time' is deliberately evaded, not assigned verbal recognition, just undergone. That might imply godly presence at any given time or place just by virtue of there being 'something' of which we can be aware. It might also imply nothing at all if the refusal to 'go verbal' is disciplined and maintained.

Consciousness is a key factor in human self-identity, and for humans, seems utterly sure. That which is in and of us suggests what is purposeful about us. Whether that 'something' is 'only' a nervous system may be beside the point.

HaShem tags it 'Name'. I'll call this The Existant. We find it hard to find. The Face whose eyes we dare not behold: where is it?

Try looking at a mirror honestly. Part of nature speaks to itself without saying a word. Is there something it wants to become?

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