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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Venture Meditationism

Exo-Chi: swimming is better than running is better than walking is better than reclining. And they're all much, much better than driving.

Laughing is better than them all.

ndo-Chi: sitting cross-legged, buttocks slightly raised, breath even, eyes open.

Best is 'realizing' -- whatever that is.

Parse the phrase three ways:

1) Whatever that is = I, son of the Western Mind, find 'realizing' not fully understandable. Isn't it what I always do when I'm conscious?

2) Whatever that is = No matter the task, the fullness with which it's done is the 'realizing'.

3) Whatever that is = Once the 'realizing' occurs, an ontological stage is reached that is self-evident internally.

Trump-Chi: accruing and owning the right to spin the mandala for over a thousand-million lifetimes.

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