Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Watch bright suns on my ceiling. Shine my teeth with the radon. Brush my face like a poodle. Speak bright things to the earlobe. Wash my car till it drives home. Do good things to my basement. Pull the strings of the Pharoahs. Count the hairs of the Senate. Crack the will of the eggwhites. Drown the thumb in this graphite. Eat the cant of the cashier. Tuck the floor of the world view. Do good things to my money. Send fresh milk to the bassist. Tell the beads of my body. Save some truth for the last song. Pill my shirt when you're shifting. Shut the dark when you're rising. Name your drink for the soundman. Leave your phone in the air lock. Blah blah blah doo doo doo doo. Tweet tweet tweet su su su su. Ma ma ma da da da da. She she she he he he he.

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