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Monday, March 17, 2008


Agglomerate this:

The scene from Scorsese's The Aviator where DiCaprio gives Blanchett the control of his plane and he drinks from a bottle of milk as she lifts the nose gently above a ridge of the Santa Monica Mountains: Benny Goodman's "Moonglow", Hampton on vibes.

The scene from Josh Logan's Picnic, where William Holden and Kim Novak come together dancing under the strung lanterns -- a scene my sister-in-law said she re-enacted at parties with her first husband when they were married at that time.

They dance to "Moonglow". Two 'wounded' people try to salve one another. (Of note, Roz Russell wants Holden, too, but is deeply frustrated and then scornful, drunkenly tears his shirt; Susan Strasberg wants him, too, but is a precocious teen and comes to mope at not being able to vie with her beautiful sister; Kim herself wanting to be valued for something more than only her 'dull-minded' beauty-pageant looks).

The 45 RPM recording of this, from the movie, was overlaid (as was the scene) with The Theme From Picnic (you remember, ". . . on a picnic morning/ without a warning . . ."). Did Steve Allen write that theme, those words? I bought it on a lark, way back when, but not more than a handful of years after the movie. Summer. May Company. Second Floor, to the north of the escalators.

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