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Friday, March 7, 2008

The Boomer Way

Listening as I am to a couple of Puppini Sister virtuoso-styled 'retro standard' albums -- and not being a drinker, but remembering that dreamy, boozy, self-satisfied fullness reachable toward the end of a six pack chasing down dinner's two or three chardonnays and knowing that a bold Amontillado would stare me down, my face to its hutch -- listening thus, nothing called out more loudly than the megaphone of the game Cheer Squad on the alumni website.

While the school site yielded maps and a few archaic photos and a shard or two of recognizable visual cues of 'Beatles Spring', the alumni site produced gold the envy of the Sierra Madre. Permit me to go a bit statistical?


Year - 'Memorials Noted'

62 -34
63 13
64- 3
65 -4
66 - 1
67 - 2
68- 1*
69- 6*

*Person memorialized in 1968 also appearing for 1969

It could simply be a reflection of school spirit that explains the higher reported numbers in the early block.

One might note, though, that those graduating in 1960 attained age 65 somewhere around or before last New Year's Eve. Were one imaginative to visualize a graph based on these figures, a slope would rise the farther back in time one went, angularly sharp beginning with those age 62 this year, with modest plateau before gazing at the sun on its decline in the west, just where your uplooking eyes meet the worry of your wrinkled forehead.


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