Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 Who set this up that we're walking in the radiance of a Fall day

we, talking about it only in whispers, and then only when we're sure

they're in a good mood, catching a ballgame, eating a frank

or if we cuddle close to them to be unseen as not unlike,

some of us boutiquing at the shops, the same couture as them

the spitting junior image, same talk, same walk boulevardiers.

and why is it these same Mysterians came down came in

and made us slave to their digestion, our intestine -- just

relaxing fragmentarily to look clearly at ourselves, your eyes,

when busily a man in a camp and woman wide spread --

what's their intrigue, how did they get inside me, you, 

conspiring us to go along, play ball, play dead



  1. My father was a huge Paul Whiteman fan so I grew up with his records spinning on our record player! 'Whispering' was my favorite song. I also have memories of Mr. Whiteman and his orchestra in a few 1940s movies. What an incredible collection of black and white photos!

    I'm not a slave to high fashion though I enjoy adapting it to fit my clothing budget! Great post.

  2. I really like the way your tied up the ballgame from the first stanza with play ball in the last...beautiful write T.F. (Happy Holidays to you and yours)

  3. Helen,

    Thanks! Music before 1935 or so is old enough always to have sounded 'haunting' to me. Maybe the phonograph sound. Things even more recent are now regarded as 'ancient' by the youngest appraisers.

    It represents an America rising.

    Have a great year!


  4. Elegant,

    I could not resist the photo.


  5. Tess,

    Glad to get noticed by you, always. And follow you, faithfully. (Merry X, H. N.Y.)


  6. Is anyone THAT fashionable these days?? TFool, have a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you and your family kindness for the coming year! Always, it's such a pleasure reading your art and mind!


  7. Rick,

    We are part of one another's entourage! Continue enjoying the holidays!