Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Process

Entering a room with a closet on a hushed late morning with rain heavy at times

only with the thought of keeping madness within bounds,

legislating reason into it, into the cross words merged with physicality,

hedging with restrictive clauses the feral urges.

Taking a test vote to register in public and hide a subcommittee fire -- 

who governs shall lead each for each into a dark called light,

bills getting passed as countries pass away,

then going into the kitchen and pretending nothing happened but nature.



  1. Intelligent, witty...I really like "legislating reason into it, into the cross words merged with physicality..." nice write, TF...

  2. Interesting...very appropriate for the times we are living in. Well done.

  3. Thoughtful, challenging. "A dark called light" -- terrific.

  4. excellent choice of words - really clever,

  5. Tess,

    Thanks, over and over. With a political year upcoming, my mind is drifting, shifting, reluctantly into . . . well, we shall see what we shall see?

    Truly, F

  6. C Hummel K aka C Hummel W,

    You've tapped into it. It is exactly that! The times we are living in -- may they prove to be no more interesting to live in than in experiencing such blog poems?


  7. Berowne,

    Master, let me tell you! Though I've not ever designed myself to be a 'political poet', I'm finding imagery burble up, words hoped to contain worry, strain released.

    This may turn into ongoing theme.

    Yes. They've begun to call it 'light'.


  8. Aswin,

    I've been away and had forgotten about leaving this poem on here. I'm reading it again almost fresh.

    Thank you for the remarks about word choice and cleverness. This one did aim for such, and I felt satisfied with it.

    It's good to hear it from an English Prof! (My colleagues rarely extend this).