Herbie Mann Comin' Home

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Sleep Of The Just

Speaking of that, how expansive we've become, how complexities drive our technology and our very imaginative edges get put on notice and we solve intricate problems elegantly,

an edge of understanding comes from the Neolithic when one reads about the village not that long ago smelling of goats, when they faced a problem -- say, adultery in their midst --

not wanting to let things slide but do justice instead the right thing and the perp's I'm sorry not enough and his offer to work half the season on the common plot of barley

failed as a remedy so a deputation of strong men took him by his arms and legs, the most shoulderly of village men, and heaved him into air as high as their collective strength.

Again and again.  They lifted from the dust and heaved him up and flung him into air as high as their collective strength.

Many more times than once, each flop on a new spot, colliding with fresh pebbles and rock edges impacted earth catching a finger or elbow

or cheek flailing doesn't help these situations are governed by gravity of law.

Until, exhausted, even the hardiest sat.  Body bones.  206 of them. We used to think in these small terms.



  1. smooth termination of primitive reactions!

  2. Isabelle,

    Very primitive. Maybe shocking enough to shun, reading!

    It's a recorded occurrence (or practice?) from a book on late Tsarist Russia. Village justice. Worse than 17th Century American Puritans?