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Friday, June 4, 2010

Teaching Debrief

I know what evals are.  I don't like any little reservations by anyone.

Reservations about me!

Sometimes a guy just wants to go berserk. Speaking of guys in general, not me myself. I'm the humorous one. They all like me, they do.

Well, maybe not all.

All are anonymous, names I do not know, don't want to.

And I'm glad they're gone.  Even dead.

But I wouldn't wish really bad things on them, like being sent to North Korea for comedy purposes, or to members of the Turkish army if the sendee were a woman.

Turkish Sultans used to marry a whole passel of them, women, if 'marry' is the right term.

So I don't look at my evals. They're in an envelope waiting. They're waiting for the day I retire so that I can send them to Borneo.

Borneo is the place where some people still eat some other people. It's said that is true, but I'm not sure.

But I'm willing to test it out.


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