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Saturday, May 16, 2009

'No Hay Banda'

Teaching 'Theory' as such, in higher education, as a 'meta-perspective', is very much a thing derived from frustrations of the political Left loaded with envy and an angry, unfinished -- indeed, rarely-tried -- agenda.

Before you rage my way, it's not the Left against whom I am aiming. This country has no real 'Left'. The bias in America, at least since FDR, is clearly conservative-Right, a reflexively-entrenched group whose most recent Trinity is Adam Smith-cum-Charleton Heston-cum-any preacher-down-the-road. This is what's claimed to be the face of 'Americanism'.

The Left here, is (pace California), like wine and cheese, French.

For intellectual America, there are no clean hands.

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