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Monday, September 15, 2008

Now And In The Future

Some speculation plays with an idea that there is already a 'future' out there, in place, at some other dimension, just waiting to happen. It's ready to fold itself into our living fabric as time comes.

Some other speculation, based (it seems) on physical theories derived from quantum mechanics, has it that there are innumerable 'futures' that accord with innumerable current universes.

Fatalism grows from the first. Nothing we do hasn't already been foretold, since wherever we aim, we will reach what is already there.

Implied by the second is confusion over what is 'real': we are living our lives, but theoretically may also very well be living our lives in many other ways. Who are we?

The second may also suggest to us a wealth of resources (uh, in this universe, borrowing metaphorically from the other) and options for what we do want to do.

That gives us license, but no further direction than the person who says I don't know what to do. Worse: the person who says I'm doing this because I say so.

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